Growing Up

As a young girl, growing up in North Carolina, storytelling and activism came naturally to me. My spirituality, family, and southern roots are core to who I am and influence how I navigate the world.

As I revisit moments from my childhood, I realize I’ve always been a resister, questioning the missing links in history books. Reading beyond the history books became my act of resistance. 

Traveling by car with my family, reading books, climbing trees, and riding my bike throughout the town were my favorite things to do. I soon discovered that church & school plays, writing (poetry & fiction), and drawing were my preferred mediums of artistic expression.


Advocate, Filmmaker, Writer. With 12 years of experience as a legal and medical professional, I’ve gained the necessary language and knowledge for women’s & children rights, disability and mental health rights, housing & tenant rights, and immigration rights. I have an interest in the intersections of poverty as it relates to race, class, gender, culture, and environment with an emphasis on holistic and inclusive approaches to racial justice. I combine my passion for activism and love for storytelling, hoping that my writing and filmmaking adds to discourse on equity & social justice, intersectional feminism, and coalition building.

Founder of Beauty, Books & Brunch (BBB). BBB is a collective of women from diverse backgrounds, who have created a safe and inclusive space to have a global exchange of ideas, share their stories, research & innovations, take steps towards maintaining positive changes, and form a sisterhood. Through engaging discussions and performances, this brunch experience invites a global perspective, and provides an inclusive and diverse environment for women from all walks of life to have a seat at the table alongside influential and inspiring leaders, who are paving the way towards dismantling structural racism and knocking down the walls of patriarchy.

Creator of the blog, The Feminist Approach, which serves as a platform to address, inform, and explore past & present political, social, and economic issues affecting humanity by incorporating feminist thoughts, theory, and philosophy while embracing all stages and understandings of the feminist journey.