Poetry to me is not only an art form but a means of survival. There are times when the only way to make sense of what I’m feeling is through poetry. There is something about writing my fears, desires, confusions, and passions on paper. Language is powerful. At times, finding the right words to express myself can be difficult, so I turn to poetry. Poetry is the window to the soul. I use the heart to find the rhythm and my spirit to search for the tone of a poem. Poetry allows me to heal by using my state of mind and environment as references. Poetry demands a shift in the universe.
— Jalissa
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Ending moments with you is like fireworks at state fairs and festivals.

Carolina Loving (2016)

Succulent aromas of Soul,

Baked, smothered, and fried.

Added sugars, tea bags, and lemons,

Quenching my thirst for you.

Sweet nectar dripping,

Preserving of apples and peelings of pears.

Swinging from trees straight into your arms.

Fanning of mosquitoes,

Sweat beads racing down,

landing on my lower back.

A resting area for the hands that I long to hold me.

Scuppernong juice and watermelon seeds,

Sticking to your skin,

Kissing you tastes like the morning dew.

Your hands embrace me,

Holding me tighter,

Like the squeezing of fresh oranges on Sunday monrings.

Summer days were the best days, winter, fall, and spring too,

Sunshine, high tides, and fall colors paint our views.

Collecting of seashells,

Climbing of mountains, and building bonfires,

Ending moments with you is like

fireworks at state fairs and festivals.

Baseball and Friday night lights,

Cheering in the stands,

Having you as mine feels like winning Queen

on Homecoming and Prom night.

Back roads, dirt paths, and ranch houses all in line,

We chose the pickup truck and turn on the radio,

They play our favorite song,

Prancing of many deer, roaming of bears,

and the soaring of eagles,

When I find myself lost in the woods,

I use the twinkle in your eyes as the North Star.

Carolina Loving and country-style living,

Southern hospitality,

You will forever have an extended stay in my heart.


Desert (2016)

Abandoned in the desert of heartbreak,

Shades blocked the sunlight,

But there was nothing to protect my heart.

I looked into the distance,

I saw no end to this journey without you.

Pure misery,

Left with the water that ran through my body,

Dehydrated off constant thoughts of you.

Sweat beads ran down every inch of me,

Longing for the touch of your hands.

I walked through the dirt and sand,

My trail of footprints lost from the tears I shed.

A rose appeared in front of me

like the beautiful memories we had together,

When I plucked the cactus, it turned into a cactus.

Blood rolled down my finger,

The same finger I used to dial your number so many times.

Wishing things could have turned out differently,

We were once in paradise together.

A paradise of love

filled with exotic fruits and flowers,

Now, stuck in the middle of the desert alone

without you in sight.

Just when exhaustion set in,

More emotionally

than physically,

An oasis of love appeared immediately.

An abundance of water,

with a taste of much sweeter than I remembered of you,


And full of emotions my body could no longer hold.

I jumped in wholeheartedly without anything to lose,

only a return to God’s love to gain.

In the middle of my journey through your love’s drought and desert,

The love of God became my haven.

Photo by RuslanDashinsky/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by RuslanDashinsky/iStock / Getty Images

A rose appeared in front of me like the beautiful memories we had together, when I plucked the rose it turned into a cactus.