Take My Breath Away

I’ve contemplated day and night on what I should write about in my first blog post. If you know me personally, the act of thinking and deciding on one topic over another is no easy feat. Why? Well, because I overthink most things, I get side-tracked by my vast imagination, and quite frankly thinking of only one thing is quite boring to me. Oh, and to quote the beautiful and oh so talented Erykah Badu, "now keep in mind that I'm an artist and I'm sensitive about my s!@t (art). So, of course, my first blog post has to be a bang but not too much of a bang because well I'm still that southern girl that needs to keep up her good appearances. You know the kind, the kind who will not spill too much but just enough that that those who are mentioned in the tea spillage could survive and not be too ashamed to show our faces around town.

I’d like to think that I’m the "put some respect on my name" type. I mean, come on, this is my coming out to the world moment. I'm practically screaming "hey world; I'm a writer! Read me, read me!" But when I came across a Maya Angelou quote, that says “life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away," more things than one clicked for me. Mama Angelou words reminded me that when I share any moment of my life or observation I've had the pleasure of experiencing, I am essentially sharing the metrics from the very blocks morphed into moments of my life through my lens and in my voice. Capturing this on paper or in this case, posting it online and taking up all the space I can all 2019 is what it's all about, right? Acknowledging, accepting, reflecting, and responding to life is my way of breathing back into the world that has given me so much to begin with, in particular, the moments that have resonated with me, the people who've made a lasting impression, and the those moments that have taken my breath away both positively and negatively.

I say this now with a hope that my Personality A- (not A+) will not get tempted and renege, retract, and/or remove this statement from the record later on. Here goes: it is not about the quantity and how much I post or can post but the actual substance and quality of my posts. What does this mean? I want to arrive at the paper with my pen in hand or come to the computer with my whole self, unapologetically and with the willingness to share my vulnerabilities. I want to make interrogating my thoughts and motivations behind the blog posts part of my writing practice. Essentially asking my self, am I being real? Am I appealing to my audience? Do I have an audience? Who am I trying to please? What is the purpose of the blog, the feminist approach? Am I really a feminist? How can I be of service to the blog? How can I be of service to the world? What is my purpose while I'm alive in this world? How can I use my words effectively to affect change and ignite inspiration? How can I obtain enough courage to let the world into my own in its most radical form? How do I use my preferred medium of art (writing) and as I would like to think, my gift from God?

Simultaneously, I want to redefine what blogging means to me. Blogging to me is not just what a person ate or what they wore to the show. To me, as far as I am concerned; blogging is the innermost thoughts of a person and reactions or in some cases the lack thereof to a situation. To me, blogging is not a showcase of perfection but an exploratory kind of writing that one builds on and that others may find inspirational. To me, blogging is a way to navigate the world deliberately, wholeheartedly and with complete curiosity.

Blogging requires patience and humility. Blogging requires awareness and certainly self-reflection. I will not know all the answers or even have the ability to articulate what I'm feeling at times, but I am open to learning as much as I can and most importantly, I’m willing to share.

Some of my writing will be widely accepted and maybe even praised. I am also aware that some of what I may write will not be accepted and also criticized, and that is okay too. I believe, blogging requires openness and a type of understanding of other people’s cultures, ideologies, religions, and lived experiences that inform one's actions and ways of thinking. Blogging requires one to have enough fearlessness but also enough fear to propel one into uncharted waters, which may include unpopular topics or opinions. Blogging requires enough ambition to allow one to explore or tap into areas of interest or topics others may shy away from or even run towards. Blogging requires one to be crazy enough to believe that one’s voice is worth the world’s attention.

Lastly, blogging requires one to be radical enough to invite other voices to not only speak up and out but to respond, react, and reflect as well. A blogger must be radical enough to know that everyone’s voice deserves attention whether popular or not.

With that said, thank you for taking the time to step into my world and the world of those who will ultimately contribute to the feminist approach. – blog.

Now the question becomes how will I measure the success of the blog. I’d like to think that I will measure it when I find myself unapologetically writing my truth and sharing my voice about the moments that have taken my breath away, the people who have made an impression on me and the thoughts and stories that have resonated with, in such a way that generations and worlds after, will speak about the moments I’ve shared that will without a doubt take their breath away.